March 15, 2019
POZE 2019 – Old is the New Hype
April 24, 2019
Social&Care In Europe, more than 39 million people aged 65 of over need help for their daily activities. To help them we are using technologies as Tele-assistance, panic buttons, geo-fence, wearables and so on.

Hundreds of big companies and startups developing these kinds of technologies. But none of these solutions help the elderly to maintain their autonomy and self-confidence, and that’s the real challenge we have in Europe: increase the time we live at home, being autonomous and with quality of life.

Social&Care is the only solution aimed to solve that problem: increasing the time the elderlies live at home. To do that, Social&Care learns from users’ activity 24h/day, both at home and outdoors, and automatically records their activity, creating individualized patterns of behavior formed by locations they visit, tasks to do, and medications they have to intake. Without the users having to do anything.
Social&Care uses disruptive technologies as IoT smart home sensors and wearables, and Artificial Intelligence as a means to innovate the care process and the business model.

Current solutions are completely reactive. Social&Care evolves care services to preventive and smart, automatically identifying emergencies (falls, loses…), but also isolation, lack of hygiene or nutrition.

Caregivers automatically receive this information and manage personal improvement plans for each user. Creating new tasks, places to visit or medicines and monitoring the user's activity, help them to recover their autonomy, self-confidence and dignity.

Success Story
Thanks to the EITH Health’s Smart Ageing Bootcamp, we have learned the status and the needs of 5 EU countries health systems, and we have validated our products in those countries, meeting with partners and investors. Now, we are in contact with local companies in two of these countries to introduce our products.

Without the Bootcamp program, it would have cost us more than 2 years and an unquantifiable economic investment, so much that we wouldn't have done.