Smart-Up Lab 2018

Smart Ageing Camp 2018
January 29, 2019

The EIT Health Smart-Up Lab 2018 was an international E-Lab programme, organised in 17 European countries. Polish edition was held in Łódź and lasted 10 months: March - December 2018.

The main aim of the Smart-Up Lab program was to increase the awareness of students, PhD candidates and young citizens about innovation and entrepreneurship mainly in the area of healthcare and healthy living. 66 people applied to the project. Among all applicants, project managers and representatives of the business decided to select 35 students to participate in the Smart-Up Lab project.

Thanks to the program, students could get to know the key method of creative problem solving using by most of the leading innovative companies – Design Thinking. During the whole project participants attended lectures and workshops concerning Design Thinking, Service Design, communication, pitching, innovations, entrepreneurship, law, Intelectual Property, Business Plan, Model Canvas, sources of innovation financing, market analysis, marketing, risk management, project management, TRIZ, 3D printing. Total number of hours within the project was about 90. Workshops were organized from 20.03.2018 till 17.11.2018.

One of the main goal of the project was also to create teams among all participants who could set up their own start-ups in the future. This process was preceded by team building workshops. Among the teams created, the participants also had to work on solving the real-life challenges proposed by Industrial Partners: hospital, pharmaceutical companies. During the project, the participants in the created teams were also tasked with working on the development of their business idea and write a business plan of their invented products, services, applications.

During many events and competitions they were able to present their ideas in front of investors as well as experts in the field of innovation where they could compete for funds to build and develop demonstrators of their ideas. Thanks to the funds they were able to gather, participants could present and promote their demonstrators during European study visit organizers carried out. Thanks to the knowledge, funds and broadly understood support they received in the Smart-Up Lab project they are ready to set up their own start-up and develop their ideas in order to achieve product and start-up maturity.