Smart Ageing Camp 2018

Smart-Up Lab 2018
January 22, 2019
March 15, 2019
Europe is a mature society, and all of the continent is ageing. We are living longer and are productive longer. Smart Ageing Camp is a programme for those who would like to introduce into the market products or services that are dedicated to the elderly, to help Europe age in a smart way. The programme includes four weeks of product re-development, 11 stops on a journey to meet clients, start-ups and investors – and more than 500 meetings.

Target Group: Teams developing solutions for the ageing population. Their solution should target customers aged 50 or more, and should be intended to improve lives of seniors. The solutions could be in the areas of medtech, biotech or digital health. Solutions could involve self-management of health, lifestyle intervention, overcoming functional loss, and treating and managing chronic diseases.

The partners of the project was: Medical University of Lodz (leader), Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg, Semmelweis University and Technical University of Denmark (DTU).